Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD

Blygold Mid-Atlantic specializes on all your corrosion protection needs for your HVAC equipment. Blygold Coatings are established as high performance protection in harsh environments. Engineered polyurethane compounds provide excellent protection with negligible effects equipment performance.

Along with Heat exchanger coatings Blygold Mid-Atlantic specializes in air handling unit refurbishments/restorations. Our PoluAL coil coating & Refamac casing coating system preserves and extends equipment life in sea coast and chemically aggressive environment. Using our unique application methods Blygold Mid Atlantic is capable of executing these treatments onsite as well as in our environmentally controlled shop.

Coating Applications

  • Exposed piping
  • Cooling coils
  • Heating Coils
  • Exterior casing
  • Support frames

Our local spray facility in Baltimore provides owners, contractors and equipment suppliers local means to apply coatings for their projects.  Please visit for more information.